• Derek Young

What Possessed Me to Become a Bicycle Dealer?

I've always labeled myself as a bicyclist. I learned to ride with training wheels at the normal, pre-school age, and I used bicycling as a way to hang out with friends, get from point A to B and to stay in shape as I grew older. My parents would spoil my sister and I with nice bicycles from Giant and Fuji; the two brands that the closest bike shop sold. As much as I enjoyed riding, I also have always enjoyed the bike nearly as much. Call it being materialistic but I enjoyed reading and researching bikes to buy on an annual basis. I ended up going through a couple of Giant bikes, a half a dozen Fuji bikes, and a couple of Kona models. I enjoyed them all, and each had their unique, memorable attributes. 

  Having worked since the young age of fifteen, I have been around several jobs. From washing dishes in a local restaurant kitchen, to selling cars for a General Motors dealership, I have a fairly diverse Resume. I've always enjoyed selling stuff. I've sold over a dozen motorcycles, half as many cars, and many, many more random odds and ends. I enjoy the excitement of selling for many reasons. I like interaction with customers. I truly feel that when I'm selling something, I'm provided a product that will be beneficial to the consumer, and I've always provided fair pricing. I enjoy learning about the products that I sell, and I enjoy handling each products and seeing it in the flesh. My love for bicycling, bicycles and selling led me down a predictable path...owning a bicycle business.

  I decided to start Pedal Products in late summer, 2016. I contacted a few different manufacturers and distributors and I ended up becoming a dealer for KTM Bike Industries, and a very reputable distributor by the end of 2016. Now, in early 2017 I look forward to providing customers with great bicycle products and service at fair pricing. I want to pass along my love for bicycling to the consumer and I hope to inspire cyclists to keep riding, and non-cyclists to give it a try. I thank you for visiting the Pedal Products website, and for reading this blog. I look forward to working with you to keep bicycling fun and accessible. Happy cycling!


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