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How to Choose a Bike

Updated: Feb 27

Choosing a bike is a daunting task, and it's getting more difficult with each new year. New bicycle trends are popping up left and right, and consumers are faced with the pressure to keep up. With that said, there is a bright side to this. A cyclist can now find a near exact match for their needs and riding style when buying a new bike. This was never really possible, and riders were more or less settling for a bike that would be alright, but not great.

The type of riding that interests you most is an important first determining factor, and it will greatly narrow your search. If you like staying on asphalt, you will be happy with a road bike. If you like staying off-road, a mountain bike will do. Buy what if you like dirt road riding, and don't need suspension? Well, they make gravel bikes for that. What if you like jumps, drops and rock gardens? An enduro bike will be a worthy dance partner. There are several tiers within each major bicycle type, and it is important to choose wisely to maximize your value, and experience.

The best advice I can give someone looking for the right bike is to think about what you want in a bike. Where do you want to ride? How much do you want to ride? How fast do you want to ride? How comfortable do you want to be? How much do you want to/can you spend? If you answer these questions, you can formulate a fairly accurate pallet of suitable steeds. I recommend knowing the answer to the former questions, and proceeding to contact a bicycle shop. A bike shop representative can offer options based on your information, and their specific offerings.

If you want the best possible bike for your needs and budget, learn what you are really looking for by asking yourself various questions about your riding intentions. Do not allow yourself to be influenced based on the peer pressure and forceful opinions of others. Deep down you know what bike you really want, now go get it.


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